Freely programmable local Graphical
User Interfaces for lighting, temperature, security controls,... 

Fully tailored integrated IBMS solutions for
hotels from basic to most luxurious ones 

Team with comprehensive experience
from Middle East and Africa

Let's plug-and-play!

Let us introduce the Integrated Building Management System – IBMS – that includes everything. IBMS that is fully open enabling easy connection of existing systems, is extremely easy to install and remarkably user-friendly. Let's plug-and-play!

More than 10000 international references

Since establishment in 2002, we have delivered products to more than 10,000 international projects, where Fidelix web-based IBMS administers indoor air quality and saves millions by smart energy management.

Truly open versatile platform

We use latest web technologies (HTML5) and open IEC 61131-3 standard for PLC programming. Controllers fulfil BACnet B-BC profile. I/O-points are linked via BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus, SNMP, OPC, etc. No additional license fees. Truly open!


We enable smooth implementation of cost-efficient intelligent Green Buildings & Cities by providing open forefront solution and professional support services to our system integrator partners with very competitive pricing.


Fidelix Ltd is the Nordic’s fastest growing IBMS solution provider. We provide truly open web based platform for implementing Green Buildings and Cities. Finland has long history of energy saving and indoor air quality (IAQ) management since 1970’s. We have successfully combined this knowledge into our system. Our user interfaces are intuitive, fast and complete - Scandinavian style.

Middle East has large potential for Fidelix due to growing demand for green and intelligent buildings. Our Middle East team has extensive knowledge of this market with immaculate track record. Team has implemented comprehensive references throughout the region across all verticals – Hotels, Malls, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Banks, Palaces, Commercial & Residential buildings and Villas. By partnering with strong system integrators we are well positioned for phenomenal growth.


Central Control Units

FdxCompact Controller

The new compact series controller FX-3000C is a new powerful Central Control Unit for Fidelix solution. It has freely programmable webserver and PLC, Wired and Wireless TCP/IP communication, 2 USB and 4 Ethernet ports. Fidelix Compact series IO modules can be connected to..


16 channel compact digital input module

The new compact series indication module The 16 channel digital input module is used to read and detect digital signals for indication, alarm, or impulse measurement purposes, or to detect whether or not a cable is still intact (security loops). Each channel can be individually..

Central Control Units

CCU with 40 I/O’s and 10.1" touch screen

Fast, intelligent, clear and easy-to-use local controlThe FX-SPIDER-40 a freely programmable native BACnet™ controller for building automation and security applications is a special version of it’s big brother, the FX-2030A. edicated for small processes, narrow..

Central Control Units

Central control unit with 10.4" touch screen

Total overview and controlThe FX-2030A is fully programmable native BACnet™ building automation controller, equipped with a stable Windows CE professional, in a durable industrial PC housing. It’s internal web- and FTP-server..

Radisson Blu Riverside, Gothenburg

In the new and modern district Lindholmen offers the Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel is a unique accommodation for both business and leisure travelers. The company INUStyr has been supplying building..

Music Centre, Helsinki

The construction of the new Music Centre in the center of Helsinki was a real challenge for all involved contractors. From the client the City of Helsinki, there were specific requirements to take..

Turning Torso, Malmo

In a comprehensive turnkey supplies Nordomatic new PLC system for control and monitoring technology systems for building automation, and integration of systems such as lighting, elevators, fire alarm,..

Stockmann Department Store, Helsinki

The largest department store in Finland, also the 6th largest in Europe accounted for a major challenge when the entire air conditioning system would be replaced to meet high standards of energy..