About Company

We are a dedicated team of over 150 automation and security professionals providing Fidelix IBMS solution for Intelligent Green Buildings. We provide modular cost effective solutions and professional support services to our system integrator partners in the Middle East and Africa.


We were founded on 2nd January 2008 in Dubai Airport Free Zone as COBA Middle East FZCO to represent high tech companies from Finland. Since inception we have provided forefront IBMS solutions for Intelligent Green Buildings in the Middle East and Africa. We are a diversified team of true professionals working in deep co-operation with our stake holders. Our team has extensive experience in design, implementation and commissioning of automation and security systems. We have implemented comprehensive references throughout the region across all verticals. Nordic’s fastest growing IBMS Company – Fidelix Ltd – has joined hands exclusively with us to represent them in this region. Fidelix Ltd, a Finnish company founded in 2002, focuses on development and manufacturing of building management and security systems. Revenue and profitability has been growing annually, revenue being 20 M€ last year. Year-on-year growth has been around 20% during the last few years.


Our Vision is to become the leading provider of IBMS solutions for the Middle East and Africa. We shall create a new benchmark for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Management to help the region fulfill the reduction targets of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Mission is to provide the most advanced and user friendly IBMS Solution for the Middle East and Africa. We enable implementation of cost efficient Intelligent Green Buildings and Cities by providing open forefront solution and professional support services to our System Integrator partners with very competitive pricing.

Our Values

Company values are Integrity, Professionalism, Partnership and Agility. We have worked in the Middle East and Africa since beginning of 2008 according to these values. We have built strong business network which is built on Trust.

Integrity – The origin of our company is Finland – a country famous not only for advanced technologies, but also for the honesty of the people. Integrity means to us honesty and responsibility to our customers and suppliers.

Professionalism - We are a team of true professionals. We expect professionalism from each other, our system integrator partners and suppliers. We work continuously to develop the skills of our partners and our team.

– We work in deep co-operation with our system integrator partners and suppliers. System Integrators help us to capture the latest market requirements and trends and we co-operate with our suppliers to provide forefront solutions to the system integrators and end users.

Agility – We continuously develop our solution in co-operation with our partners according to their requirements and offerings. Solution structure is layered and fully open, which enables rapid development of our total solution as required.