We can provide fully Integrated Building Management Systems and separate Automation/Security systems for all types and sizes of projects. Our automation systems include BMS, Metering & Energy Management, Lighting Control, Home Automation and Hotel Guest Room Management Systems. Our security systems include Access Control & Intruder Detection and Video Surveillance Systems.

Automation Systems

Guest Room Management System (GRMS)

Guest Room Management System (GRMS)

Fidelix Guest Room Management System (GRMS) is a freely-programmable solution which can be tailored to meet the requirements of hotels from basic to the most luxurious ones. 

GRMS architecture follows Fidelix IBMS architecture and can be an integral part of a comprehensive IBMS Solution. GRMS can be seamlessly integrated to Building Management System via Fidelix Central Control Units (CCUs). 

Basic Solution typically includes Hotel Locks, compatible Energy-Saving Card Holders and thermostats with Energy-Saving features. Energy-Saving Card Holders give permission for the room lighting and thermostat. To add more features to this basic version, Smart Door Bell System with Do-Not-Disturb & Make-Up-Room (DND&MUR) indoor and outdoor units can be added. Card Holders can also be replaced by occupancy sensors. Balcony door or window contacts can be added to limit cooling when left open. Depending on client’s requirement, either stand-alone or communicating features can be implemented. Hotel locks have optional Near Field Communication (NFC) feature. This enables guests to use their iOS and Android devices to enter the rooms without keycards. 

More luxurious hotels have lighting control system where individual groups are on/off controlled or dimmed.  Guests can operate lights and curtains by self-return lighting switches and FX-RP room panels. Temperature sensor embedded in the FX-RP room panel can be used for temperature control. Fan Coil Unit (FCU) or Variable Air Volume (VAV) damper can be controlled with FX-Multi room controllers. This removes the need for a separate thermostat. FX-RP room panels can be used also to replace separate DND&MUR panels. 

Different color and frame options are available to match interior designs. Eco-series has five acrylic frame options – Light Silver, Golden Yellow, Rose Gold, White and Black – and three metal frame options – Satin Silver, Satin Gold and Satin Rose Gold. Lux-series has two glass frame color options – Black and White – and four metal frame options – Satin Silver and Gold, Glazed Silver and Gold and two wooden, stone and leather frame options. 

Room Statuses are remotely available at the reception desk or operator terminals of housekeeping. Lighting & curtain controls and temperature set-point adjustment can be done remotely from the reception desk and from all operator terminals/workstations. These adjustments can also be done automatically from hotel Property Management System (PMS) as per room status. Solution has standard open interfaces which enable easy integration with any PMS.