We can provide fully Integrated Building Management Systems and separate Automation/Security systems for all types and sizes of projects. Our automation systems include BMS, Metering & Energy Management, Lighting Control, Home Automation and Hotel Guest Room Management Systems. Our security systems include Access Control & Intruder Detection and Video Surveillance Systems.

Automation Systems

Lighting Control System

Lighting Control System

Fidelix Lighting Control System fulfills all kinds of lighting control requirements for Outdoor, Facade Lighting, Indoor Public Areas and Individual Occupant Spaces. 

Lighting Controls are used in all types of facilities – Hotel, Malls, Commercial Spaces, Offices, Schools, Residential Buildings and Private Homes. 

Lighting groups can be either On/Off type or dimmable. Public Area lights are typically controlled by time schedules and movement/occupancy detectors. Outdoor lights are controlled by lux level measurement and limited with time schedules to achieve desired energy savings. In parking areas combination of time schedule and movement detectors is typically applied. Individual Occupant Spaces are controlled with occupancy detectors, commands from self-return switches connected to digital input (DI) points of Room Controllers or IO modules and commands from 3.5” Touch Screen Room Panels (FX-RP). Commands can be On/Off or Up/Down/Level commands to individual lighting groups or situations for multiple groups. 

Lighting Control System architecture follows Fidelix IBMS architecture. WebVision software is used to manage lighting controls in large buildings and building complexes. Room Panels (FX-RP) are used to create tailored Graphical User Interfaces for all kinds of lighting scenes and controls. Room panels are typically connected as slaves to the freely programmable FX-Multi-24 controllers. On/Off lighting groups up to 6 Amp can be directly controlled by switchover relays of Digital Output (DO) points. Dimmable Lighting Groups with electronic ballasts (fluorescent, LED lights) can be controlled directly with Analogue Output (AO) point 0-10 Volt signal. Maximum current from AO point is 20 mA. Other lighting groups like halogens and 230VAC LED lights that are suitable for dimming are controlled with separate 0-10 Volt controlled dimmers modules. Dimmer modules are available for 600W, 1000W and 1500W loads. Other lighting control protocols like DALI and KNX devices are integrated via BACnet and Modbus converters.