We can provide fully Integrated Building Management Systems and separate Automation/Security systems for all types and sizes of projects. Our automation systems include BMS, Metering & Energy Management, Lighting Control, Home Automation and Hotel Guest Room Management Systems. Our security systems include Access Control & Intruder Detection and Video Surveillance Systems.

Automation Systems

Metering and Energy Management

Metering and Energy Management

Fidelix Metering & Energy Management Systems fully complies with the Green Building requirements, as enforced for example by Estidama in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. 

Metering & Energy Management System architecture is in line with the Fidelix IBMS architecture. Web-Vision SCADA Software is used to record consumption data into SQL database and generate reports as per clients’ requirements. Energy Reporting Web Dashboards can be easily generated from this software.

M-Bus Meters are connected to the multiLINK multipurpose communication interface which can relay data to the Central Control Units (CCUs) and from CCUs to webVision software. Modbus meters can be connected either through the multiLINK or directly to CCUs. BACnet meters can be connected directly to CCUs. Pulse Meters are connected to the Digital Inputs (DI) of IO modules.

We provide complete range of Water, Electricity and Energy Meters. Water and Energy meters are ultrasonic type. All meters are available with M-Bus, Modbus and Pulse (S0) outputs to cater to the customers’ requirements. Third party meters with different protocol like wireless M-bus can be integrated to our system. 

Combining metering and reporting system to BMS enables providing Advanced Energy and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management services. Operators can wisely manage HVACE processes by viewing reports, dashboards and history trends to minimize consumptions and to optimize IAQ.