We can provide fully Integrated Building Management Systems and separate Automation/Security systems for all types and sizes of projects. Our automation systems include BMS, Metering & Energy Management, Lighting Control, Home Automation and Hotel Guest Room Management Systems. Our security systems include Access Control & Intruder Detection and Video Surveillance Systems.

Security Systems

Total Security Management System

Total Security Management System

Fidelix Total Security Management System (TSMS) seamlessly integrates Access Control & Intrusion Detection System (AC&IDS) and Video Management System (VMS). All types of facilities – Banks, Hotels, Malls, Hospitals, Commercial & Residential Buildings and Private Homes can be totally secured with Fidelix TSMS. System can be easily scaled up from individual buildings to large building complexes and full cities. 

Security events are generated from ACS – Unauthorized Attempt to Enter, Forced Entry, Door Open Too Long – and from IDS – Inputs from Movement/Occupancy Detectors, Vibration Sensors, Magnetic Contacts of Doors and Windows, Panic Buttons – and from VMS – Motion Detection from cameras and other video analytics. These events can be seamlessly shared between AC&IDS, VMS and automation systems. Events can be used to activate sirens and flash strobes, lock or open doors/gates, turn on lights and to start recording on VMS, send e-mail notifications and pop-up camera views on operator workstations. Fire alarms and critical MEP alarms can be linked to system to reduce response times and thus minimize damages. For example in case of verified water leakage operator can shut the specific valves and pumps. 

Security operator workstations are license-free. They are implemented with standard PC and display hardware, web based Alarm Management & Graphical User Interface (webView) and fully featured virtual matrix of VMS. It’s easy and cost efficient to implement individual security workstations and large Command and Control Centers (CCC). We provide unified solution to cater to customers’ present and future total security requirements. 

Fidelix Access Control & Intruder Detection System 

Access Control & Intruder Detection System (AC&IDS) Architecture follows the generic Fidelix IBMS architecture. FX-SPIDER-40-S is security controller for AC&ID systems. It can handle 2000 points (physical & virtual) and it has integrated tamper switch, back-up battery and two RS-485 lines to connect FX-DU-10 and FX-SI-8 Security Modules. Up to 63 modules can be connected to each line. 

Door Unit (FX-DU-10) has interfaces for two access readers, two Digital Outputs (DO) to operate locks or activate local alarm devices and eight sabotage monitored security inputs to get door/lock status, Request-to-Exit and different types of alarm indications. Security module FX-SI-8 has eight sabotage monitored inputs. It is used to connect alarm Inputs from movement/occupancy detectors, door/window magnetic contacts, panic buttons, glass break and vibration sensors. Security zones can be armed and disarmed as per client requirements – automatically according to time schedules and manually from web user interfaces, FX-RP Room Panels, access readers and sabotage monitored inputs. 

We provide full range of access readers, locks and other door accessories and full range of security sensor to implement high end security systems. 

Fidelix Video Surveillance System

Fidelix Video Surveillance System consists of Video Management System (VMS) and full range of IP Cameras. 

Fidelix VMS is a flexible, scalable, user-friendly and cost-efficient solution to secure all types and sizes of facilities. Core of the VMS are the Fidelix Networked Video Recorders (FX-VMS-NVR), which operate on standard PC hardware. Depending on frame-rate & resolution of video streams and used PC hardware, one FX-VMS-NVR can process typically streams from 30 to 100 cameras. Unlimited amount of NVRs and VMS Clients can be added to the system without compromising on the system performance. Operators can view cameras from multiple NVRs with VMS Clients. Live views and recordings can be simultaneously viewed by unlimited number of concurrent clients. Back-up NVRs can be added to the system for redundancy purpose. 

FX-VMS-NVR has highly accurate and reliable Motion Detection feature. Motion Detection is typically used to start/stop recording, which typically saves about 70% of the required storage space compared to continuous recording. Area of detected motion is also recorded to enable easy & fast area-search. VMS has in addition following features: informative and easy-to-operate timeline, flexible camera windows with full features, versatile automatic rules, audio recording, map view, de-wrapping fish eye 360° streams and virtual PTZ function, user management, diagnostics with alarm and error log, mobile apps, web interface, Point of Sale (POS) integration and ANPR.    

We provide full range of Dome, Box, Bullet and PTZ Dome Cameras for indoor and outdoor usage. Cameras are available in different resolutions - 1, 2, 4, 5 and 8 Megapixels. All Cameras comply with ONVIF-S Profile, provide triple streaming and have PoE support available.